Dear Minters

Firstly we want to thank you for your loyalty & secondly we want to thank ourselves for paying out our private minters constantly for over one year.

Sadly due to the fact that the economy is in a major crisis & the markets are crashing.

MInt Money has made a decision to freeze all daily earnings & restrict all withdrawals until the 31st January 2023

It is with sincere regret that the Admin team has to make this difficult decision to preserve mint money for many many years to come. Please be very patient as we wait for the economic storm to pass.

We realise this will be inconvenient but we must take this action with immediate effect from today.

We value your support and want to reassure you that we will review the markets at the end of January 2023 & will send a notification via email with an update.
Jun-9-2022 08:52:14 PM

Dear Minters,

Sadly because of the War In Russia, the economy has crashed, based on this we must preserve the longevity of Mint Money therefore we have made a decision to reduce the daily payout to $50 per day per user with immediate effect.

This will be reviewed on 1st Sept 2022
Feb-27-2022 10:58:39 AM

50% 3 Month Package Now Live In The Back Office
Feb-1-2022 09:53:20 PM

Maximum Daily withdrawals is $500 per day
Dec-23-2021 07:18:31 AM

The is a quick message to let you know that as of 31/12/2021 The following changes will apply:

1. Daily earnings will be Monday to Friday
2. The 2% Daily Plan will no longer exist

Dec-23-2021 07:10:33 AM

Jul-2-2021 09:20:28 AM
Jul-2-2021 09:19:17 AM

Added Mint Money Presentation
Extra Security
5% Referral Commission

Jun-8-2021 02:51:29 AM

Very Exciting Times
Jun-1-2021 03:56:41 PM

Mint Money Is pleased to be launching on 1st June 2021
May-1-2021 05:41:22 PM